Is this trivial?

If you ever just get home and tire of having to be unable to complete the goals you set out for yourself. The ones that seemed so easy to achieve but you just didn’t.

Whether you’re depressed, have too much on your mind stressing you out, have learning difficulties, take a little longer to get used to things and adapt or you’re just plain lazy this post you will probably relate to.


It is daunting to find out the answers you do not want to hear.

I have decided upon myself that I need to send two e-mails to decide my plan. Whether my plan is doable. If not I have to adapt. I would have to find a way to either retake or not follow that path. I need my results to be wrong because they are so far from expectations that it seems like I was living in a daydream… I have to send two e-mails to have them tell me what I already know I probably do not have what it takes, when I thought I did for so long. It crushes me.

I do not know what I am going to do. I have so much angst. It’s ridiculous but I do not know how to channel my feelings. I’m going to ask for some career advice but I am just disappointed in myself…

I am going to write it all down to calm me down that might help.

I hate e-mails.

Sorry if this is so trivial.

Thanks for reading.


Love thy nieghbour

To love thy neighbour is not nor should it be hypocritical, our nieghbour is not who agrees with us. It is often those who we don’t. But if we do not accept our nieghbours, we create these chasms in society which don’t communicate. We do not share or learn because we are trying to be the loudest and drown out the opposition that 5 times out of 10 probably have as much point as you. We have so much potential. If you agree this poem is probably for you.

A poem in a new style I am trying based on Longfellow’s ‘The Builders’ for the postaday challenge. Please let me know what you guys think.

Dangers in the ground stem,
from which has come to grown,
peril in the form of politics
where correctness remains unknown.

When I look to my neighbour,
it is that I come to find,
the differences most stressed between us
leaving little to see of bind.

Now when I see before me,
people raise their hate in pride,
telling all of our true values
the suffocating rising tide.

But when those live who help,
it is only that I see,
the power of simple generosity
the love from me to thee.

Combine our power for the future,
that is when we should know,
what comes to be, commonality,
amongst all will thrive our go.



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