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‘When I look to my neighbour’ poem. #postaday


A poem in a new style I am trying based on Longfellow’s ‘The Builders’ for the postaday challenge. Please let me know what you guys think.

Dangers in the ground stem,
from which has come to grown,
peril in the form of politics
where correctness remains unknown.

When I look to my neighbour,
it is that I come to find,
the differences most stressed between us
leaving little to see of bind.

Now when I see before me,
people raise their hate in pride,
telling all of our true values
the suffocating rising tide.

But when those live who help,
it is only that I see,
the power of simple generosity
the love from me to thee.

Combine our power for the future,
that is when we should know,
what comes to be, commonality,
amongst all will thrive our go.

~ Citywithoutpeople

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Please help the amazing cause!

For Childreach International I have been chosen to partake in a sponsored climb of Kilimanjaro. But in order to go, I need to reach my funding target of £3245.00. The BT fundraising page sends money directly to Childreach, to help in lifesaving health care, education, and farming initiatives. It cannot be more stressed how many […]

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